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"Right guys, with us hopefully coming out of restrictions on the 21st June 2021, I am looking to run another singles league, the same as before, to get people back playing and give much needed practice before the re-start of the League. Anybody interested in playing, let us know - the more the merrier. This, of course, is providing pubs are open and all restrictions are lifted."
- Dale Fisher (10th Mar 2021)

Contact Dale through Facebook if you are interested in taking part.


I have added a link on the main navigation to a summary of the Blackball Rules for those wanting to know the differences.
(10th Sept 2020)


Good evening all,
This evening (7th Sept), the committee and I met to discuss the current situation, and our future as the CPL.
As you are all aware, it has long been in discussion regarding the potential introduction of Blackball Rules into our league.   This was formally discussed at the last AGM in January.

Whilst it was not voted in for the current season, it was agreed that we would play another season of World Rules, to allow time for non BB playing members to learn the new rule set, to then hold another vote in 12 months time.   Due to circumstances outside of our control with Covid19, the current season was stopped and, due to the minimal number of matches completed, the committee made the decision to cancel the season.   It was also discussed at the AGM a mini league within CPL and again, at the decision of the members, voted against as it was felt this would not work.

This has led to discussion as to our future.    As a committee, we cannot enforce a new rule set without a members vote.    As such, in the next few weeks Andy Brierley will be making contact with each captain.    The problem we now face is as a committee, we are a group of playing members who all want to play Blackball.    We have all said we would not see it fitting to continue running a World Rules league whilst not playing in it.    As such, there will be a vote which will require the captain of every team to make a decision on the following -

Introduction of BB rules as the sole rule set of CPL.      Yes/No.
If No, there will be a further 2 questions to answer -
1. Are you happy to be reimbursed your current season entry Fee and leave the CPL to allow Blackball to be introduced without your team?
2. Are you prepared if BB rules are not passed into the CPL, that there will be a breakaway league of Blackball Rules separate to the CPL.

If a breakaway league is the route taken (if BB not passed) then the current CPL committee will be standing down in full, to take on the new venture of BB and new committee will be required.     This will allow CPL to continue unchanged, and will will happily walk away and allow this to happen, if the members wish.    This is not to be interpreted as a "shotgun to the head" approach, and comments such as 'Nazi Rule' as have been seen previously will NOT be tolerated.    This is YOUR committee, wanting to bring CPL into the future.

We simply no longer wish to run a league of World Rules which we personally no longer wish to play.   This post will act as a heads up to all teams and captains to start your discussions as to the future.

Further to the above, upon discussion, Warren has made the decision to retract his resignation.

As Secretary, I will not have any derogatory or discriminatory comments on this page towards any individual, especially the committee who give up their free time to run a league for the benefit of others. It is not fair. This will act as the final warning in this respect and if any comments are made, action will be taken accordingly with individuals.

If there are any comments to be made, I am happy for you to private message me or email ( and I will happily discuss.

Finally, we cannot envisage any competitive pool taking place this side of Christmas, however, we will play that by ear.
Yours, Rachel
Secretary, CPL.

As a result, we have designed a voting form that team captains can download & print, fill in, sign it and forward to Andy Brierley ( - the same as a completed scorecard.

Re: re-opening of pubs and clubs and restart of the pool season

As much as the committee would like to get the season kick-started again, there are a few things we think we need to point out and this is before even thinking about the guidelines (ie hygiene, distancing, cleaning of balls, table, cues, etc, etc).

1. We cannot force players and teams to restart the season whilst the virus is still active.

2. We don't know the individual well being of the people who play in our league and who might still be at risk of the virus.

3. The only way we can restart the season is by having an all in favour vote to proceed from all players and captains, as we cannot restart and punish the players / teams which do not want to and in turn, the pubs miss out on revenue, where other pubs gain.

4. I as chairman and the committee, have got to look at the bigger picture of the way to go forward and hopefully in the upcoming weeks, we will be given guidance/assistance by the English Pool Association of how we do this but, until then, I think the season has got to be put on the "back burner" for a fair few weeks or even months, depending on what guidelines we are given by the EPA.
Warren Wheatcroft - Chairman (26 JUNE 2020)

Committee Members:

Chairman: Warren Wheatcroft

Vice Chairman: Graham Bottomley

Secretary: Rachel Worthington

Treasurer: Gary Broadley

Fixtures & Web: Andy Brierley

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Rachel Worthington

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