Blackball Singles League - Tables as of 28th May 2021

Group A
C Maguire
R Needham 
G Cockcroft 
C Standidge 
A Bishop 
T Sutcliffe 
A Gawthorpe 
M Dawson  
D Halliday 
M Whalley
D Smith
T Little
Group B
C Haim 
C Green 
L Mitchell
C Firth 
R Austin
P Arundale 
A Brunning
J Helliwell
D Fisher
W Forster
C Jagger 
J Harris 
Group C
A Green 
S Race
S Hill
A Heppenstall
J McColgan 
G Ryan. 
T Severn
A Varley 
F Smith
K Flaherty 
G Stevenson
K Moore
Group D
Wayne Lee
J Hemings
R Howarth
A Smorthit
CK Marsden
R Wood
K Sutcliffe
R Whatmough
L Bradshaw 
G Bottomley 
S Abel 
G Sepe

There are a few players that I donít know their ability so hopefully the groups are as close as I can make them.

All results must be text to my phone 07341 908414.

You can post them on FB group as well but I need text messages with your name, opponent and result.

Good luck guys.