Player Contacts


These are all the mobile numbers I currently have - if you want your number displayed here or you have a new number, please email me: webmaster@calderdalepool.co.uk.

Apologies for the team designations, they're all messed up and will sort themselves out as scorecards get added to the system.

(You can now click on the table titles to change the order names are displayed).

Name Team Contact Number
Kyle Adamson Bankfield Social Club (B) 07858607604
Alan Airey Greetland Social Club (A) 07594 604495
Brad Airey Greetland Social Club (A) 07594 604495
Peter Arundale Elland Cricket Club 07900 016383
Tahseen Ashfaq Elland Cricket Club
Rob Austin Volunteer Arms (A) 07889 382915
Steve Baggot Stump Cross Inn (B)
Heath Bennett Marsh Liberal Club
Ryan Bodsworth Bankfield Social Club (C) 07446 826772
Graham Bottomley Siddal Cricket Club 07521 673941
Scott Bower - - - bye - - -
Paul Bradbury - - - bye - - -
Les Bradshaw Ring 'O' Bells 07812 151149
Andy Bramley Ring 'O' Bells
Mark Brennan Wainhouse Tavern (B)
Andy Brierley Savile Arms (A) 07944 809043
Gary Broadley Savile Arms (A) 07581 363535
Dave Brooksbank 1904 at Dean Clough (B)
Alan Brunning Bankfield Social Club (B) 07771 213919
Paul Buckley Volunteer Arms (B)
Mick Buttrick Stump Cross Inn (A)
Alex Christoforu Greetland Social Club (A)
Chris Clarke Wainhouse Tavern (A)
Gavin Coffey Savile Arms (A) 07885607158
R Collier Cavalry Arms
Craig Cox 1904 at Dean Clough (B) 07789 287170
Mick Craddock Savile Arms (A)
Les Davis Siddal Cricket Club
Tom Dawrant Wainhouse Tavern (A) 07900 005918
Mark Dawson Bankfield Social Club (C) 07845 075502
Shane Dawson Siddal Cricket Club
Alan Demaine Bankfield Social Club (B) 07788 294631
Melvyn Ditchburn Fleece Inn
Danny Divers Cavalry Arms
Mike Doran Savile Arms (B) 07803 398910
Paul Doran - - - bye - - -
Simon Drinkwater Sr Greetland Social Club (A) 07766 758875
Paul Eastwood - - - bye - - -
Chris Firth 1904 at Dean Clough (B)
Dale Fisher Bankfield Social Club (D) 07850 898493
Keith Flaherty Greetland Social Club (B) 07825 136239
Ash Gavin Volunteer Arms (A) 07718135006
Adie Gawthorpe 1904 at Dean Clough (B)
Chris Green Volunteer Arms (B) 07814 703531
Gary Greenwood Elland Cricket Club 07795 446812
Troy Greenwood Savile Arms (A)
Dave Halliday Bankfield Social Club (C)
Steve Hawksworth Bankfield Social Club (D) 07584 494098
Criag Heppenstall Bankfield Social Club (B)
Adam Heptinstall Volunteer Arms (B)
Chris Heywood Greetland Social Club (A) 07718 127383
Ian Hill Bankfield Social Club (B) 07860 298977
Ste Hill Bankfield Social Club (B) 07792043440
Sy Hill Bankfield Social Club (B) 07872039353
Matty Hind Fleece Inn
David Hoyle Stump Cross Inn (A) 07902 598087
Chris Jagger Volunteer Arms (A) 07788 294631
Nick Jordan Stump Cross Inn (A)
Tony Lamonaca Stump Cross Inn (A) 07810 768441
Chris Langdale Bankfield Social Club (B) 07973 218070
Richard Lightowlers Bankfield Social Club (C) 07429338259
David Littlewood Bankfield Social Club (C) 07709 354110
Colin Maguire Wainhouse Tavern (A)
John Marsden Waggon & Horses
Richard Marsden Upper George 07510 382600
Joshua Marshall Fleece Inn
Joe Martin Cavalry Arms
S Martin Volunteer Arms (B) 07500284271
J McColgan Elland Cricket Club
Martin McMahon Ring 'O' Bells
Maggie McMillan Ring 'O' Bells 07729 328073
Chris Mitchell Volunteer Arms (B) 07947 827627
Lewis Mitchell Volunteer Arms (B)
Mahmood Mohammed Elland Cricket Club 07979 345643
Paul Molloy Volunteer Arms (A) 07720 251499
Matt Morris Stump Cross Inn (A)
Chris Morton Volunteer Arms (A)
Wayne Oldfield Savile Arms (B)
Andy Patchett Elland Cricket Club
Stephen Race Wainhouse Tavern (B) 07519 211796
Oli Richardson Ring 'O' Bells
Mick Roe Ring 'O' Bells
Dale Rogers Bankfield Social Club (C)
James Rogers Bankfield Social Club (C)
Tom Severn Greetland Social Club (B) 07817 761333
Dave Shackleton Marsh Liberal Club 07496 286353
Paul Simmonds Stump Cross Inn (B)
Bahadas Singh Stump Cross Inn (B) 07734 226289
Lucas Skinner Wainhouse Tavern (A) 07538 284845
Eddie Sladdin Stump Cross Inn (A)
Jason Small Ring 'O' Bells 07821 941550
Fraser Smith Greetland Social Club (B) 07776 235878
S Smith Elland Cricket Club 07413 960768
Carl Standidge Volunteer Arms (A) 07525 428779
Bob Steer Cavalry Arms 07990 831159
Rob Stephenson Bankfield Social Club (D) 07970105808
Jim Stevenson Cavalry Arms
Andy Stewart Waggon & Horses
Steve Stokes Volunteer Arms (A) 07983 738219
Tony Sutcliffe Jr Bankfield Social Club (D) 07825409064
Tony Sutcliffe Sr Bankfield Social Club (D) 07512190998
Andy Varley Greetland Social Club (B) 07415122264
Richard Wagstaff Wainhouse Tavern (B) 07875 727636
Chris Walsh 1904 at Dean Clough (B)
Amy Walton Cavalry Arms
Richard Watmough Ring 'O' Bells 07510382600
Dave Werritt Waggon & Horses 07789064867
Ken Wheatcroft Bankfield Social Club (B) 07588 694462
Sam Wheatcroft Bankfield Social Club (B)
Warren Wheatcroft Savile Arms (A) 07789 702225
Gilbert Whiteley Waggon & Horses 07050 121350
Rod Wood Marsh Liberal Club 07739898040
Rachel Worthington 1904 at Dean Clough (B) 07519 903221