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Summer 2022

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The Royal Oak

Players are listed by surname alphabetically

Date Opponent Venue H/A Result
Peter Arundale
8 - Aug Brandon Cope Volunteer Arms (B) HOME Won
8 - Aug Martin Baldwin Volunteer Arms (B) HOME Won
25 - Jul Mick Craddock Savile Arms (A) HOME Won
25 - Jul A Parratt Savile Arms (A) HOME Lost
18 - Jul M Mahon Ring 'O' Bells (A) Away Won
18 - Jul David Rockley Ring 'O' Bells (A) Away Lost
27 - Jun Anthony Crossley Travellers (Ell) Away Won
27 - Jun Martin Gill Travellers (Ell) Away Won
6 - Jun Steve Stokes Volunteer Arms (A) HOME Lost
6 - Jun Paul Hirst Volunteer Arms (A) HOME Lost
30 - May Matty Hunte Bankfield Social Club (C) Away Lost
30 - May Mark Dawson Bankfield Social Club (C) Away Lost
23 - May Guy Ryan Wainhouse Tavern (A) HOME Lost
9 - May Ian Hill Bankfield Social Club (B) Away Lost
9 - May Alan Brunning Bankfield Social Club (B) Away Won
25 - Apr Paul Buckley Volunteer Arms (B) Away Won
25 - Apr Martin Baldwin Volunteer Arms (B) Away Won
11 - Apr Kyle Wood Slaithwaite Con Club (A) HOME Won
11 - Apr Ash Gavin Slaithwaite Con Club (A) HOME Lost
4 - Apr Chris Gledhill Savile Arms (A) Away Won
4 - Apr John Townsend Savile Arms (A) Away Won
28 - Mar Chris Firth Ring 'O' Bells (A) HOME Lost
28 - Mar David Rockley Ring 'O' Bells (A) HOME Won
TOTALS for PETER ARUNDALE  Pld: 23  W: 13 L: 10