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Winter 2020

Players 'registered' with Teams

Currently, because this web site is effectively "starting from scratch", some players will not be associated with the correct teams. As more scorecards are entered, players will become 'associated' with their proper teams.

Division 1

A. Bankfield Social Club (C)

B. Volunteer Arms (B)

C. Wainhouse Tavern (A)

D. Elland Cricket Club

E. Bankfield Social Club (B)

F. Volunteer Arms (A)

G. 1904 at Dean Clough (B)

H. Waggon & Horses

Division 2

A. Bankfield Social Club (D)

B. Greetland Social Club (B)

C. Savile Arms (A)

D. Ring 'O' Bells

E. Siddal Cricket Club

F. Upper George

G. Wainhouse Tavern (B)

H. - - - bye - - -

Division 3

A. Stump Cross Inn (A)

B. Marsh Liberal Club

C. Cavalry Arms

D. Fleece Inn

E. Stump Cross Inn (B)

F. Greetland Social Club (A)

G. Savile Arms (B)

H. - - - bye - - -